Watch repair

A watch is one piece of craftsmanship.

The internal mechanism consists of hundreds of very small components. Your watch deserves a great amount of attention. Those services will not be executed in the shops. MISTER MINIT will send your watch to our central repair center where trained watchmakers will repair your watch with the greatest care.


They will execute all the repairs: replace a broken or scratched frame, reinstall broken pointers, replace winding axis’,…
In most cases there’s a problem with the Internal mechanism. Does your watch stops working and it’s not because of the faulty battery? Our watchmakers will install a new mechanism for you.

Or maybe your watch functions perfectly but is dirty after all these years? We offer a professional cleaning inside and out. Scratches can be removed with polishing.

Looking for a new watch? Did the batteries run out? Do you need a small adjustment to your watch strap? Or maybe a brand new strap? Want to test if your watch is waterproof? MISTER MINIT is a watch specialist and will help you for a small or big repair.