Cleaning wipes

How to clean sneakers when you’re on the move or you don’t have a lot of time ?
Summer time calls for lots of citytrips, parties, festivals and outings, so be sure to get yourself some Sneaker cleaning wipes to keep with you at all times. 

Cleaning wipes

Packaging: 1 box contains 5 individual wipes

Colours: colourless

Product characteristics: 

  • Disposable cleaner wipes with superior cleaning ability
  • Our cleaning wipes are packaged separately for fast and convenient use
Sneaker Wipes

How to use

  • Try to clean stains as soon as possible by wiping carefully the stain from outside to inside
  • The product should sink in for 2 minutes
  • In case of doubt, pre-test in a inconspicuous area
  • To be used on smooth leather, suede and textile

Step by step