Dropped your phone into water?

Dropped your phone into water?

A lot of people accidentally drop their smartphones into water. From leaving their iPhone in their pocket and washing it in the washing machine to smartphones falling into the toilet. Maybe friends threw your clothes a swimming pool, smartphone included.

Can your smartphone be saved after a water damage?

Water damage is deadly for an electronic device, especially if it has been immersed. The longer your phone stays underwater, the lower the chances of survival.


Remove your phone out of the water as quickly as possible and make sure your phone is switched off and do not switch it on again. Remove the phone battery and other removable parts such as SIM cards or memory cards. Dry your phone with a towel or a soft cloth. Even a hairdryer can come in handy here.

Best thing you can do is to go to a MISTER MINIT shop. Your phone will be sent to our specialized repair center where our professionals will disassemble your iPhone or smartphone and treat each individual part against water damage.

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