For the Love of Bags - MISTER MINIT’s Handbag Repair Service


Handbags! From small clutches and cross-body bags to oversized tote bags, you can never have too many handbags! Most likely you have a closet full of handbags that are either worn out or have broken parts, such as zippers, locks or handles. Luckily MISTER MINIT can help prevent you throwing away your precious bags. Read on to know more about our handbag repair service.

1. Broken Handbag Zipper

While most zippers are highly durable, they can sometimes break or get jammed. A broken or stuck zipper can not only damage the appearance of your handbag, its content can now not be protected against theft. However, it doesn’t mean that your handbag is no longer usable and that you must throw the whole handbag away. MISTER MINIT can make your handbag feel like new again by replacing your broken zipper or zipper slider with a nylon one.

Handbag Broken Zipper Handbag Fixed Zipper

2. Broken Handbag Lock

Another part of the handbag that can break is the lock. It can suffer from constantly opening and closing. Some bags have press locks, some have magnetic locks or even number locks. A broken or missing lock can be replaced by a new one in different sizes, shapes and colors. Your handbag can be repaired within a few days in our repair center. Just drop by your nearest MISTER MINIT shop for more advice and a price offer.

Handbag Broken Lock Handbag Fixed Lock 2

3. Broken Handle

The handles are the part of the handbag that suffer the most from wear and tear. The rings can get damaged or the leather can crack or break. In this case MISTER MINIT can fix your broken handle by replacing them with brand new handles, refinishing and edging of existing handles or by replacing the buckles or rings on your handbag. We will repair or replace the broken parts with new parts that match your handbag. All you need to do is drop off your broken handbag at your nearest MISTER MINIT shop and we will get your handbag back in order and ready to serve you again. 

Handbag Broken Handle Handbag Fixed Handle
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