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Hiking shoes on mountain rocks

4 Ways To Get Your Hiking Boots Ready For The Mountains

Do you love to go hiking in the mountains. But are your hiking boots ready to hit the...

4 Easy Fixes To Make Your Summer Shoes Look Brand-New Again

4 Easy Fixes To Make Your Summer Shoes Look Brand-New Again

Yes, it's almost summer! Time to bring out your favourite pair of sandals, slippers or...

Blog How To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable Header

How to make your shoes more comfortable

How can you stay comfortable and avoid painful feet without throwing away your lovely...

Opening Garage In Car With Remote Control

How universal remote controls make life easier

Devices that simplify your life… let’s face it, who isn’t interested in that? A universal...

Broken watch

How to take care of your watch?

Although one in four people say they don’t use their watches for telling the time, they...

How To Clean And Protect Your Leather Shoes

How to properly clean, polish & protect your leather shoes

Leather shoes. From boots to sneakers – leather shoes come in various styles and are...

Tips To Keep Your Feet Warm During Winter

5 tips to keep your feet warm during winter

Whether you face cold landscapes on your way to work or you love being outdoors during...